Max van der Schee



Sinnautic is specialized in the design and construction of aluminum patrol vessels, and steel ferries. Development ranges from budget boats to custom-built special purpose vessels according to class regulations. Sinnautic operates globally since 1995, combining sturdy Dutch shipbuilding with competitive pricing.

While Sinnautic, build amazing boats, we developt a fantastic website for them. They were our last customer because my brother and I were getting way to busy for our own business to grow any further. So for our final project we took extra time so our last customer would be satisfied with our work.

One of the specifications the customer wanted was that the website was developt with HTML/CSS and JavaScript but without a CMS or framework. The reason for this was that our customer wanted a versatile website that could be hosted anywhere.

Last but not least, props to my brother for the design and I wanted to thank Sinnautic and Paul for our last project with Ewake. website brother: Paul van der Schee