Max van der Schee

Dev Attic

Dev Attic

Dev Attic is a project I made for my graduation. The website is a small part of my graduation project but helps me showcase the demos. The demos are part of the post I write on Medium so don't forget to take a look there. This is one of the projects I put online that uses Angular as a framework, this is not my first time I used Angular and it won't be my last.

What is my graduation project?

What I notice online is that there is a trend among web developers to adopt new web innovations, the main cause is that those techniques have a huge engagement and a community to help you get started. What I try to do is find web innovations that are underappreciated that could still provide a huge impact on the web and increase the engagement of those innovations.

What I have done so far is write posts about those techniques to help people understand them better and trying to start a discussion about the technique with the goal to get more people involved with those web innovations.