Max van der Schee

Front-end Developer

What I care about

  • Privacy

    There is always a way to make it work and give some privacy.

  • Security

    Security is important! It's just that simple.

  • Modular

    Modularity = maintainability. Always a good thing to consider.

  • Knowledge

    Knowledge is power. In my case, keeps me from getting bored.

  • Humor

    Keeps it light and fun.

  • Pizza

    Yeah... who doesn't?

What I am interested in

We live in a time where every day a discovery is being made, or something new is developt. I’m always very enthusiastic about that progress when it comes to the internet. Every new development on the internet is another opportunity for me to learn something new and hopefully make something cool.

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What I recently made

A small selection of the projects that I have made so far and where I’m incredibly proud of.

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Interested in what I can do?

Let's talk business ey! No, but seriously if you want to do a project or have an idea. Fill in the form, and I will make sure you hear from me soon!

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