Web Accessibility

Help make the web more accessible

As part of my graduation project, I created an extension for Visual Studio Code to help other developers create more accessible applications.

  • Stack

    Node.js | VSCode API | TypeScript

  • Services

    Open source Development

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    visit project


Linting and reporting of errors.

To help developers, the elements that need changing will be highlighted, and to make it easier to fix there are hints on how to fix it.


Linting through plain text is not that easy.

The biggest challenge is that the API delivers plain text, which makes it harder to lint, but RegExp makes it work.

The biggest challenge with this project is how to keep up with the growing user base for this extension, I'm proud to say that almost 7 thousand people have installed the extension to better the web's accessibility something I'm proud to be part of. If you feel like helping out, don't be too shy to help, I would love for more people to be involved in the development :) Project on GitHub.


If you're interested in how I came up with the idea to make this extension, I wrote an article on Why the adoption of Web Accessibility keeps failing