Max van der Schee


MATTIE is a school project I did in my second year at NHL, the project I worked on was about helping people with a slight mental handicap, which in Dutch is translated to LVB (Licht Verstandelijke Beperking).

For this project we did field- and desk research to get a better understanding of what LVB means and who are the people we make would make the product for. I ended up focusing on the design of our product because that was what I wanted to become better in at the time.

In our first setup of the project, our goal was to improve the product they already had built, which was an application for a phone that would help LVB understand common scenarios. This was done by prerecorded videos of those scenarios with actors of the same age. The problem with the application was that it wasn’t used longer than a week.

So, to make it more appealing, we needed to introduce some form of gamification.


We looked at successful games and tried to understand what makes them great and how we could implement such gamification in our idea’s.


After a half year of work, we concluded that this was a more significant project then we thought, and we didn’t have enough time to build an application within our timetable. However, we had done a ton of research what would help a lot and had a design for a game that could be implemented. Here are the final designs of our idea of a product.

Characters & Objects designs

Characters Creation Characters and Objects

Level Designs